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Top 12 Free Email Apps

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Email applications give users a way to send messages to others online with spam protection, advanced security measures and saved contact lists. AppAppeal ranks all email apps based on worldwide popularity.

Email Signature Management with Email Campaign Management
Fluent organizers all your emails in one place and allows you to browse, archive, search and manage your emails to he...
BrandMyMail is an app designed to integrate social web tools into an email "stationary" for Gmail accounts. The desig...
Rocket Mail Merge is a contact manager that takes addresses from letters, spreadsheets and more. This data can be use...
Laytr lets you send your reminders and e-mails to yourself or others.
The Email Game is a service that makes reading and responding to email more fun and productive.
7. makes it easier to clean up old contacts from Google, Mac and Outlook.
8. helps users get a grip on their packed inboxes through efficiency-focused tools. User can set up notifica...
9. allows you to send emails, with the ability to have them sent at any future date and time you choose.
SpyPig is a simple email tracking service that sends users a notification when the recipient opens their message.
ZeroMail helps users gain control over their inboxes. The application filters messages and provides numerous viewing ...
MailBliss lets you receive emails in the form of text messages to your mobile phone. The app lets you create an email...
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