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Top 96 Free Education Apps

51 to 96 based on popularity

Education applications are designed to provide learning aids and resources to help students of all ages and the teachers who work with them. AppAppeal ranks all education apps based on worldwide popularity.

51. is a platform where users can teach their knowledge or gain knowledge presented by other users.
52. provides interactive coding courses for new coders.
53. is designed for students, parents and educators. The application assists with the school year planning proc...
Khan Academy brings students a cost free way to supplement their education or improve their skills in specific areas....
Blue Study is a cloud based web application that is targeted at students to help them create, share and keep track of...
This is a collaboration tool that professors, classes or students can use to effectively communicate on and stay conn...
Beat The GMAT is a social network dedicated to helping people prepare for the GMAT exam or help them with their MBA ...
NoteWagon provides university students with a place to buy and sell notes online. The website lists notes taken by st...
Verbling presents internet users with a quick way to connect with a real person who speaks a language they want to le...
WordStash gives internet users another way to study and learn almost any topic. Users can look up words, view example...
Memrise is an online application that can be used to study and learn. It is free and uses scientific principles, cre...
Superflashcard is an application that can create flashcards for studying and reviewing.
sCoolWork is an application that can assist students in understanding and mastering their homework assignments.
NoteSpree allows college students to organize their course notes and share them with others. The app also allows user...
Headmagnet is a study tool to strengthen memory.
Online webcam classes from around the globe.
Practice a new language with native speakers.
Duolingo is a free online language learning tool that is quickly expanding. Users can choose from a list of languages...
With the myUdutu authoring tool you can build, test, and extract your courses for free.
Scitable is an online teaching and learning portal combining educational articles authored by editors with technology...
Einztein serves as a platform from which online learners can explore free online courses delivered by any combination...
Grockit tries to improve the learning outcomes of students by applying the power of adaptive algorithms, social netwo...
With Quizinator you can add a library of multiple choice questions and then prepare different tests from different se...
Sclipo is a learning application, helping people and organizations to teach, learn and share.
EduFire is a platform that allows live learning to take place over the Internet anytime from anywhere.
WiZiQ is a platform for anyone and everyone who wants to teach and learn live, online.
HeyKiki allows you to pursue and improve upon existing interests and learn new ones while getting to know like-minded...
SymbalooEDU helps educators to organize and share the best of the web with their students.
Collaborize Classroom allows teachers to extend their classroom discussions to a private online community.
Braineos users can create decks of flashcards or use decks created by the community, and memorize them using their se...
Instructure provides an online Learning Management System (LMS).
82. is a marketplace that brings students and teachers together.
83. helps users discover the Ruby programming language and its uses.
84. provides users with an easy way to generate effective flash cards.
Treehouse helps designers and developers learn more through online video training. Users can also prove their progres...
Lynda supplies users with a large library of tech related tutorial videos. Users can choose from two membership optio...
StudyStack lets users create flashcards and review games for any subject or class. The user can sign in with Facebook...
TeacherVision is an app dedicated to lesson planning, printable worksheets, and tips for teachers for grades Pre-K th...
Shmoop is a credible academic resource written by educators and experts from America's top universities.
SchoolRack provides a free service for K-12 teachers and faculty to create a classroom website and share information ...
91. automatically creates a learning schedule that adapts to the individual’s performance and needs.
92. helps you study with online flash cards. Make your own or choose from the catalog of free public flash...
Voxy provides language lessons that use content of your choosing, whether that be a story about your favorite team, o...
Planboard is a lesson planning application designed to replace the planbook that most teachers currently use. Lessons...
95. is an online community for people who are interested in learning languages.
96. gives users a way to build professional educational activities.

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