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Top 96 Free Education Apps

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Education applications are designed to provide learning aids and resources to help students of all ages and the teachers who work with them. AppAppeal ranks all education apps based on worldwide popularity.

Schoology help users manage their lessons, share educational content, keep students interested and also make connecti...
Corpacademy gives businesses an easier way to educate their employees. Users can upload videos, slides and other mate...
ProProfs lets users build quizzes that can be used for educational, training or entertainment purposes. Users can ad...
SkyPrep gives organizations an easy way to manage employee training. Users can upload existing content, create auto-g...
5. is a microblogging website for teachers and students.
LearnBoost allows teachers to manage their classroom.
Cloud-based e-learning platform for online training
Learning management system for employee, customer and partner training
LMS app to create online courses for employees, partners, clients and students
10. lets users create effective training courses.
Myngle offers students and teachers in different locations a online language instruction platform.
Busuu is an online community for studying languages and improving language and writing skills.
OpenStudy is a social learning network where students ask questions, give help, and connect with others studying the ...
RubyMonk supplies its users with a number of helpful learning resources based on the Ruby programming language. Users...
Kaggle is a place where companies can post competitions to seek out the best predictive models and analytics and rewa...
Coursekit is a simple way for instructors to manage their course and engage their students.
17. gives users a place to expand their knowledge and experience. Courses include group discussions, task lists...
Brainscape helps users learn various subjects with a scientific approach. The application breaks information down int...
Fifty sneakers is a content management system for teachers to use for organizing and maintaining their curriculum con...
Edutopia is an app offered by The George Lucas Educational Foundation. Its goal is to share strategies to prepare stu...
Spongelab is a social network built around science. Users can collect science content, share lessons and participate ...
19Pencils provides K-8 educational resources for parents, guardians and educators.
Fedena helps thousands of universities, schools and other institutions worldwide with various aspects of management, ...
An innovative lesson planning and teaching app for teachers and students.
Coursera allows users to take classes with top colleges, for free.
Study documents, lecture notes, tutoring and video lessons for students.
Engrade is a unified environment for managing activities related to education including setting up grade books, educa...
ClassPager is a system that uses clickers to encourage participation in the classroom.
Code Avengers is an interactive tool used to teach JavaScript to learners at all skill levels. It is formatted for yo...
Quizlet is an intuitive, interesting, fun app for studying for nearly every subject, including not only K-12th grade,...
Exam Professor allows users to create and publish exams, drills, and assessments.
Code School is an online learning platform that focuses on coding. Users can sign up for one monthly fee and get acce...
Udacity is an online learning tool that gives students from high school up more ways to educate themselves. The proce...
TheCodePlayer is a collection of detailed walkthrough videos that instruct the viewer on various technology tasks. Us...
Socrative gives educators more ways to streamline teaching. The application works on any web-enabled device with game...
Papora is a language learning tool that gives users many ways to master a foreign language. Web and mobile features a...
Soshiku provides a way for students to manage schoolwork and keep track of their homework.
Babbel is a language learning platform. In exchanges with native speakers or learning partners, you can put into prac...
LingQ is a language learning service. Get help from a personal tutor. Study online and meet people from around the wo...
Livemocha is a language learning site. Take online lessons, practice with native speakers and learn to speak a foreig...
Mango Languages is an easy, fast and effective way to learn languages online.
42. helps academics follow the latest research in their field. Create a webpage and share your own research.
Udemy enables anyone to teach and learn online. You can upload presentations, videos, host live classroom sessions an...
EnglishCentral turns popular web videos into language learning experiences.
45. offers student-generated ratings on college and university professors.
Edu is a learning management system where users can teach and learn online.
47. is an online marketplace for tutoring.
48. is a marketplace where users can learn anything from anyone.
49. is a social learning site that connects learners, experts, teachers and parents.
50. provides users with a helpful online typing tutor and keyboarding tutorial.

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