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Top 13 Free Domain Name Apps

1 to 13 based on popularity

Domain name applications help users come up with a fitting domain name and provide an easy way to check availability and registration options. AppAppeal ranks all domain name apps based on worldwide popularity.

Panabee guides users to a fitting name for a business, website or application. Users can view similar URLs, their ava...
Domize is an instant domain search engine. As soon as you start typing, Domize checks the availability of the domain ...
Wordoid creates a name for your company, product or domain.
DomainTyper provides tools to check for available domain names and to generate new domain names.
Domainr helps you explore the entire domain name space beyond the ubiquitous .com, .net and .org.
6. is a domain search engine that gives random name suggestions.
LeanDomainSearch allows users to search out available web domains quickly and easily
Blungr is a domain name generator. Type one or two keywords, choose settings and mix them up.
9. provides the number of .com and .met domains and renewal rate estimator.
10. is a free service that instantly checks .com, .net, and .org domain name availability.
Suggest.Name is a website name generator.
Shout Domains helps you to find a domain name for your site.
DomainsBot is a domain name search engine.

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