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Top 19 Free Document Sharing Apps

1 to 19 based on popularity

Document sharing applications provide users with a place to store and share files with anyone using email or a simple URL. AppAppeal ranks all document sharing apps based on worldwide popularity.

Scribd gives internet users a place to share and find documents. The site supports all kinds of documents, ranging fr...
2. is an online service to share, review, and approve documents.
WatchDox is an online service to send documents securely, and control and track who views, prints or forwards them.
GroupDocs provides professionals with an easy way to manage, share and track documents. Users can sign, organize, cop...
Calameo provides its users with a place to upload and convert documents and presentations into shareable digital publ...
Doccaster is a cloud based application for the mobile to mobile sharing of documents. It is mainly aimed at conventio...
Docracy provides internet user with a quick, easy way to obtain simple legal documents. Users can search by keyword o...
9. helps users expand the visibility of their marketing materials.
ShowDocument lets users upload and share documents online. Meetings can be hosted through whiteboard and chat transla...
With Myebook it is possible for anyone to upload, or create, page designs and covers online. You can publish and shar...
A database of documents to be used by small businesses or in professional settings.
Crocodoc takes your PDFs, Word documents, and PowerPoint presentations, and lets you view and mark them up online.
Zoho Viewer lets users upload documents for viewing or sharing it online.
15. is a digital publishing platform delivering the reading experience of magazines.
LedgerDocs was created to streamline the communication process between business owners and bookkeepers. Users can sto...
Doocuments is an application for exchanging VIP documents via email easily and securely. It integrates with existing ...
18. is a document marketplace where students can upload and download all of their class documents.
19. lets users create their own magazine style content site.

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