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Top 38 Free Dating Apps

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Dating applications help online singles find love through sophisticated matchmaking tools, compatibility tests and internet profiles that display personal details and interests. AppAppeal ranks all dating apps based on worldwide popularity.

1. integrates with Facebook and let's people see who lives nearby and possibly can create future romances.
5 minute “dates” to chat with profile matches. Many work sex into first minute. No on site email without paid members...
Soul2Match presents internet singles with a new way to find a potential love match. The website contains a social net...
DuoDater provides users with a new way to find love on the internet. Users and their single friends can sign up as a ...
Extensive profile questionnaire. Only paid members can use most of site -told AFTER profile. Almost nothing free.
6. is a dating service focused on activity proposals.
Nerve Dating is site targeting those who don’t want to use traditional dating sites to meet prospective mates. They p...
No communication without paid membership, including IM, email, or message board. No advanced matching w/out membership.
Singlesnet is a dating service that lets anyone and everyone sign up and look for companionship. Users can send messa...
Forum available-though mostly provocative talk. Messaging, communication, all free. Search and save searches.Mark faves.
Online games ask if others seem to be a match. Chat and visit profiles. Free,but more features with paid account @ 80...
12. is a dating site for Chinese singles from around the world.
Clique gives single internet users an easy way to meet new people through their friends. The application gives users ...
14. is an online dating site ideal for young professionals who are looking to get married.
Plentyoffish gives internet users a quick, easy way to find singles in their area. The site offers a large number of ...
Multistep profile creation. Quiz to determine physical match. Extensive process. Paid membership for more access.
Lovestruck is a professional dating service that connects single professionals.
Like Secret helps users connect with people that they wish to have a romantic relationship with but have not been abl...
Fellody helps singles connect through the music that they love.
WotWentWrong is a place where people can describe what went wrong in a former relationship or on a past date.
21. is a dating site intended for Jewish singles.
Flavor Connect is an online dating community that emphasizes the various flavours of love. It focuses on description...
23. assists users in finding a date. Users get to seek friends' feedback and advice.
Miss Travel is a travel and dating site that connects people who travel with others who want to travel with them.
Promotes making friends, chats, dating close to home /country-wide. Filters for better matches. Buy credits to promote.
Option to send intro email to 10 top matches. Brief profiles. Limits to viewing/corresponding without payment.
27. helps you find dates who share your love for music.
Alikewise is a dating site that allows you to find people based on their book tastes.
29. uses SmartSearch matching technology to help you find a date.
Notifies users of visits to their profiles. Allows chatting. No search for body type or attractiveness for free plans.
Snog is a fun social network based service that helps people get to know one another without the awkwardness or anxie...
32. helps users to find missed connections through mass transit.
Meezoog is a dating site that introduces you to the single friends of people you trust.
Scientific Matchmaking Service checks compatibility.Complicated to use. Members-only features are unclear-like messag...
35. is a flirting-facilitator platform that allows users to compliment and chat about potential crushes.
36. provides internet users with another way to find love and companionship. Users can join a huge community of ...
37. is an app in which users create idealized virtual characters of them and flirt with virtual chara...
An app designed to make it easier to approach potential romantic partners.


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