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Community applications bring large general or interest-based groups of users together through forums, profiles, instant messaging and other social networking features. AppAppeal ranks all community apps based on worldwide popularity.

Mix graphics, videos, photos, music and text into Glogs.
202. is an online charity that makes it easy for anyone to help students in need.
Minti is a virtual place where parents can visit anytime to share and gain advice on parenting.
Biznik is a community of entrepreneurs and small businesses dedicated to helping each other succeed.
Ziggs is a platform for creating and managing your online brand. Market yourself on the Web and stay in touch with pe...
Babble is an online parenting magazine aimed at the new generation of parents.
207. is an online portal that converts every day social activities into financial help for charitable causes.
Qubrit is a social platform used by professionals to connect with each other.
EFactor is an online community and virtual marketplace designed for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs.
Neighbortree provides free neighborhood social networking websites to residential communities.
Path allows you to capture your life’s most personal moments and share them with the 50 close friends and family in y...
Donor Tools is online donor management software for charities, churches, and nonprofit organizations.
Soovox is an online influencer network where your voice is heard by the brands you love and rewarded.
Noteleaf provides a service to take notes about people and keep in touch using follow-up reminders.
RendezVous353 is an Irish global networking site connecting the worldwide Irish diaspora.
216. is an online community designed to increase awareness of and revenue for non-profit organizations.
PlusRated identifies your real strengths and weaknesses, by specific skill, so you can quickly see where you excel an...
218. is a flirting-facilitator platform that allows users to compliment and chat about potential crushes.
FamilyLink is a platform where members can create family generated content.
PeerPower is an Indian business networking site.
221. tries to help genealogists in their research.
222. is a business community that provides business services for professionals and small businesses.
223. offers users another social networking option for professionals.
OhSoWe gives users a way to trade items and skills within local groups. The website is free to use and focuses on com...
225. provides internet users with another way to find love and companionship. Users can join a huge community of ...
MeetYourFriends is an online social community where you can meet, chat and flirt with people from across the world.
227. is a community of car care professionals.
OneGreatFamily Tree provides a genealogy database that is built and share by users from all over the world.
Ryze is a business networking site.
230. is an app in which users create idealized virtual characters of them and flirt with virtual chara...
An app designed to make it easier to approach potential romantic partners.
A Facebook app that allows users to organize their news feed.

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