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Community applications bring large general or interest-based groups of users together through forums, profiles, instant messaging and other social networking features. AppAppeal ranks all community apps based on worldwide popularity.

151. is a service you can use to collect, promote and connect elements of your digital life on one page.
GetGlue helps you find your next favorite movie, music album, book or other every day thing.
Alikewise is a dating site that allows you to find people based on their book tastes.
154. is a business community and resource for entrepreneurs.
155. uses SmartSearch matching technology to help you find a date.
Keepio helps you to keep track of all your belongings in one place, and allow people to share what they own with frie...
The Hotlist is a social discovery engine that enables you to view what's happening among your Facebook friends and th...
IdentyMe is a service for making of virtual business cards.
Dooid collects all your social networks and contact details in one place.
Make A Dare is a social media network where you get to dare your friends, vote on other users’ videos and upload your...
Tarpipe makes it easy to share content across different social media applications.
ScuttlePad is an online network for 6?11 year?old kids.
TeamSnap makes it possible to manage your sports team online.
eBackers is a request board for web professionals, startups and online businesses.
OnePage is a digital platform for creating, storing and sharing business cards.
Yapsie is a location-based community of pet owners who want to discover and share friendly places for their pets.
SeeClickFix encourages active citizenship, by offering a variety of platforms to report your concerns.
168. filters an assortment of local news by location so you can keep track of what’s happening in your neig...
169. helps you find dates who share your love for music.
170. is a professional networking tool that connects developers and designers.
PartnerUp is a business community focused on entrepreneurs and small business owners.
Everloop is a safe social networking site for children.
173. users can build and share their family tree.
174. is a charity platform that connects brands and individuals to generate attention and influence.
175. is a microvolunteering network. It allows users to lend their professional skills whenever they have some...
176. provides an easy way to meet other entrepreneurs, bankers, managers and more.
HelpAttack! users can make a charity donation for each action they take online.
Google Profile allows users to create a public profile to display personal information.
179. is a social fundraising site for nonprofits.
180. is a platform for online charitable giving.
181. provides tools that helps users to fundraise online.
PeerIndex is an authority and reputation rating platform.
183. helps users to find missed connections through mass transit.
184. assists users in finding a date. Users get to seek friends' feedback and advice.
Rentalic allows internet users to rent the items they need from other users. Rather than pay for a new item or genera...
Snog is a fun social network based service that helps people get to know one another without the awkwardness or anxie...
187. provides developers with a place to showcase their skills and prove what they know through certification tes...
NabeWise supplies its users with unique information about the neighborhoods they plan to visit or live in. Users can ...
Rebuild Your Community is a social platform that allows communities to connect and voice their opinions to their loca...
Connect with neighbors virtually to discuss local issues
MyPlantID is a site where users can go to post pictures of plants that they are unsure about.
WikiTree is a community of genealogists and their family members.
Rootsweb ties together the available genealogy resources and researchers by forming a large network. Users can find o...
194. provides users with access to many vital records and other documents. The service includes searches acr...
Miss Travel is a travel and dating site that connects people who travel with others who want to travel with them.
Option to send intro email to 10 top matches. Brief profiles. Limits to viewing/corresponding without payment.
Tagged is a social network that encourages users to meet new people. Users can chat, send messages, add friends and p...
Petizens is a website where pet owners can make free webpages for their pets.
GlobalGiving is an online marketplace that connects you to the causes and countries you care about.
CardXC puts your business card at a place which then can be viewed, printed or saved as vcard by everybody interested...

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