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Top 232 Free Community Apps

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Community applications bring large general or interest-based groups of users together through forums, profiles, instant messaging and other social networking features. AppAppeal ranks all community apps based on worldwide popularity.

101. provides users with another way to learn about their bloodlines and family history. The website contains...
FlareCard helps users connect online and share information. Users can also promote themselves and view information o...
Sharing Giggles is a way to help parents and others save and share memories of children as they grow and reach milest...
Hubbub is a social networking app that allows users to interact with sound, uploading and downloading shot audio clip...
Write and share product reviews.
A family history research application.
Achoo provides a platform where users can showcase their talents and also see the reactions that people have to achie...
Lovestruck is a professional dating service that connects single professionals.
109. lets users ask and answer questions related to their local community. The user can see which respons...
No communication without paid membership, including IM, email, or message board. No advanced matching w/out membership.
Singlesnet is a dating service that lets anyone and everyone sign up and look for companionship. Users can send messa...
Forum available-though mostly provocative talk. Messaging, communication, all free. Search and save searches.Mark faves.
4Talk IM is a world-wide chat app that offers a few convenient features. Send images, voice messages, text messages a...
MySpace gives internet users a place to network and enjoy music. The site presents music-related news and photos alon...
Ning gives users an easy way to build a social hub for their business, group or brand. The application lets the user ...
Hi5 is an international social network site. Users can share their interests, photos, videos and music while playing ...
Bebo is an online social network service. Bebo is especially popular in the UK and Ireland.
Geni is an inexpensive family tree builder that gives users practical tools and a clean interface. Users can choose f...
119. is an online business social network for finding clients, suppliers, business partners, key business infor...
PeopleJar is a search platform for individuals and organizations to be found and find others by specific attributes f...
Promotes making friends, chats, dating close to home /country-wide. Filters for better matches. Buy credits to promote.
122. enable users to locate and interact with acquaintances from high school and college.
TagWorld is a social network that is focused on tags. Users can add content, converse and access content by tags.
124. allows users to read their Orkut, Facebook, MySpace and other social network messages all in one place.
Blackplanet is the largest Black community online.
Fanpop is a community of fanclubs for about anything pop culture.
Gather is a compilation of news stories from many different perspectives.
128. connects communities together.
MicroPlace’s mission is to help alleviate global poverty by enabling everyday people to make investments in the world...
Bring Light is designed to allow people to donate money to worthy causes and to raise awareness for the cause of nonp...
Bulbstorm is an innovation community, where people come to share, improve and market new products, services and busin...
Scientific Matchmaking Service checks compatibility.Complicated to use. Members-only features are unclear-like messag...
MyPeopleMaps helps you find out how you're connected to any person or any company
Sprouter provides a platform for users to connect with other innovators, entrepreneurs can expand their networks.
GROU.PS is an online community site creator.
136. is a community based on finding your common ground with other people in order to help make the world more t...
Currensee is a Forex trading social network where like-minded traders can connect with each other and share ideas.
Care 2 makes it easy for everyone to live a healthy, green lifestyle and impact the causes they care about most.
Notifies users of visits to their profiles. Allows chatting. No search for body type or attractiveness for free plans.
Catster offers expert points-of-view as well as opinions, advice and wisdom from the community of cat owners.
Techcofounder is an online community of developers interested in launching a new startup.
Meezoog is a dating site that introduces you to the single friends of people you trust.
StartupDigest helps to find out and stay informed about the best startup events in your city.
1000 Memories is a place that visitors can gather and remember the lives of the people they love most.
Combine memorable stories, photos, videos and more to honor and celebrate the life of your loved one.
Greenopolis provides you with information and tools to help you to recycle.
147. connects causes with the people that care about them.
Togetherville is a social online community for families where parents create safe online neighborhoods for their kids.
Causes provides tools for nonprofits on Facebook to build communities of supporters, conduct fundraising campaigns, c...
Lynard is a conference directory where you can find conferences and see where your friends are going to.

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