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Community applications bring large general or interest-based groups of users together through forums, profiles, instant messaging and other social networking features. AppAppeal ranks all community apps based on worldwide popularity.

51. is a network of business and technology experts. They power the real time Q&A.
52. is a fundraising platform for charities.
53. is a dating site for Chinese singles from around the world.
CapLinked is a platform for private companies to raise capital and connect with investors.
55. enables users to explore their heritage and family history and build family trees.
AngelList is a fund raising community of startups and their investors.
57. is a dating site intended for Jewish singles.
58. is a site where you can share stuff with your friends and neighbors.
59. is a community where members can rent or borrow stuff from within their network or neighborhood.
LikeALittle is an anonymous flirt and chat tool that is gaining widespread popularity among university students..
Razoo is a site aimed at helping non profit organizations and the people who support them.
62. lets users collect and share their favorite sports.
63. helps users find vehicle rentals from other users.
64. has created a marketplace based on trading books, movies, music and video games.
FanGager helps businesses get the most out of their existing fan base. User can provide fans with a fun way to earn r...
66. helps users plan and maintain their gardens.
67. is a platform where users can share short updates with an optional photo or video.
Path.To gives users a way to showcase themselves professionally while revealing a hint of their individual personality.
69. is an online community for mothers. Women share their experiences regarding family, parenting and mo...
70. provides users with a chance to meet others who share their political beliefs. The site matches users up with...
71. provides its users with a convenient way to list and manage household items. Users can sort items into roo...
Bellstrike makes it easy for non-profit organizations to create functional, stylish websites. Users can add video, ph...
Zerply is a professional social network which allows users to truly network and discover new business connections in ...
74. is an online dating site ideal for young professionals who are looking to get married.
75. brings non-profit organizations and social enterprise together with the professionals they need to acc...
Raise5 is a place where people who want to donate their talents and skills can earn money for good causes. Additional...
Fellody helps singles connect through the music that they love.
WealthForge is a social community meant to connect entrepreneurs and investors with one another.
Communr is an application that makes it easy for people to engage with the community around them by starting with the...
WotWentWrong is a place where people can describe what went wrong in a former relationship or on a past date.
Circle of Moms is a community of support and inspiration for moms.
82. is an app that connects people in the real world for lunch, dinner or coffee.
Zipcar provides functional vehicles for casual and business use. Users can join the network and rent cars for an hour...
Nerve Dating is site targeting those who don’t want to use traditional dating sites to meet prospective mates. They p...
Online games ask if others seem to be a match. Chat and visit profiles. Free,but more features with paid account @ 80...
Clique gives single internet users an easy way to meet new people through their friends. The application gives users ...
Nymbler lets parents look for the best baby names by choosing names they like. The application narrows down options b...
Like Secret helps users connect with people that they wish to have a romantic relationship with but have not been abl...
Jayride is used in browsing for rides and sharing rides with people who are travelling to the same location. It can ...
RelayRides is an application that let you rent cars from people around you. Owners post information about rentals an...
Just Share It is an application that allows users share and rent their neighbour's vehicles or motorcycles.
Flavor Connect is an online dating community that emphasizes the various flavours of love. It focuses on description...
Aboutourwork is a social network for small businesses, focusing on making connections and helping the businesses grow.
Philanthroper shares the story of a new nonprofit organization every day and encourages individuals to contribute $1-...
Wheelz is a car sharing application for university campus.
Coderwall is an application that provides developers and any associated teams the opportunity to specify their skills...
YardShare let's its users share their backyards with others to provide inspiration.
MyGarden is a digital way to keep up with one's garden and the tasks involved in making a garden beautiful.
GardenPuzzle lets users create digital renderings of their garden.
GrowVeg is the smart and easy way to plan one's vegetable garden.

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