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Community applications bring large general or interest-based groups of users together through forums, profiles, instant messaging and other social networking features. AppAppeal ranks all community apps based on worldwide popularity.

Twitter lets you send short messages to a group of friends. It is more immediate and intimate than blogging.
2. is one of the most popular social networks that connects people with friends, old classmates, colleagues...
LinkedIn is a social network built for professionals and businesses. Companies and individuals can build profiles and...
BusinessCard2 is a marketing platform for networking and exchanging business cards on the Internet.
Extensive profile questionnaire. Only paid members can use most of site -told AFTER profile. Almost nothing free.
5 minute “dates” to chat with profile matches. Many work sex into first minute. No on site email without paid members...
7. is a non-profit organization that provides loans that can be as little as $25 people to people all around th...
MeetMe, formerly My Yearbook, is a social network aimed primarily at teens.
9. instantly shows you if your desired or branded username is available at the majority of the top social ne...
Smibs business network and software products help you connect, share, collaborate and get things done.
CubeTree offers enterprise collaboration tools including wikis, blogs, polls, file sharing and link sharing.
TalentBin is an online resource for finding software engineers with an algorithm that searches the available talent b...
Foursquare is a location based network that challenges users to experience new things, and rewards them for doing so.
14. is a dating service focused on activity proposals.
DuoDater provides users with a new way to find love on the internet. Users and their single friends can sign up as a ...
Google Plus gives users another social network to join.
17. is intended to assist individuals and organizations in their quest to improve lives and further causes. ...
Soul2Match presents internet singles with a new way to find a potential love match. The website contains a social net...
Vittana is a non-governmental organization that allows people to lend money via the Internet to students in the devel...
Dot429 provides members of the LGBTA community with a place to congregate and read interesting content. The site con...
Zimride helps passengers find drivers going to the places they need to visit. The website lets drivers post available...
Uniiverse helps users find others in their local community. The website gives users a place to list and find services...
Babynameo gives parents an easy and detailed way to review and discover potential names for their newborns. The appli...
What a Lovely Name helps parents discover the best names for their new children. Names are sorted into categories tha...
BabyNameGenie provides new parents with a number of ways to research potential baby names. Parents can generate names...
Liftshare helps users meet others to share rides. The application provides users with a way to save money and live gr...
27. integrates with Facebook and let's people see who lives nearby and possibly can create future romances.
Fold3 provides users with a way to explore military records on the web. Users can view digital documents and create m...
Curisma combines social elements with technology-focused products. Users can visit the site to see recently added and...
TalentSplash gives talented individuals a place to market their abilities. Users can also look for talent for project...
PunchTab helps companies build and promote corporate instant reward programs to help boost customer loyalty by tappin...
Empire Avenue is an app that drives traffic to social media profiles and websites.
Mom Trusted provides parents with a simple way to learn about local child care providers. Users can search by zip cod...
Orkut is a social networking service owned by Google.
Netlog is a social network focused on young people in Europe. The application lets users build profiles, add images a...
Plentyoffish gives internet users a quick, easy way to find singles in their area. The site offers a large number of ...
Multistep profile creation. Quiz to determine physical match. Extensive process. Paid membership for more access.
PerfectBusiness provides access to information about starting a business and entrepreneurship.
Piczo is a website for teenagers and the youth. It aims at empowering teens and young people.
TheFunded provides resources for entrepreneurs and a community for business help.
StartupNation is a resource-filled community for those who want to start a business and find practical business-relat...
Ecademy is an application about business social networking and sharing ideas.
MyHeritage is an online family network that enables you to share your family tree and photos with your friends and ot...
Dogster is a information and entertainment community built by and for dog people. Get advice, answers, and recommenda...
Genoom is a social networking platform designed to build private family networks.
XING makes networking and professional contact management easier, with made-to-measure networking functions and servi...
With a Respectance memorial website, you can remember and celebrate the lives of loved ones who are no longer living.
48. offers sign up and monitoring services for your brand, identity, name or vanity URL.
NameChecklist checks if your brandname, username, domain and vanity url are still available on the worldwide web.
50. combines features of traditional websites, blogs, collaboration software and social networks.

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