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Top 284 Free Communication Apps

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Communication applications help users stay in touch by offering voice chat, text messaging, email, surveys and many other ways to share ideas, answers and updates. AppAppeal ranks all communication apps based on worldwide popularity.

251. provides individuals, families and businesses with a practical email solution. The application offers up ...
ZeroMail helps users gain control over their inboxes. The application filters messages and provides numerous viewing ...
Crowd Science Demographics is a analytics service that builds detailed reports on the demographics and attitudes of w...
Campfire is instant messaging designed for groups. Share text, files, and code in real time.
Jottle allows you to video chat with others around the world on your terms.
256. is a place where people around the World can find their partners online based on their current location.
Create you own online surveys, collect responses from people you yourself invite and analyze the results.
Penzu is a private online diary and personal journal.
Survey Legend is an online survey app that is marketed toward both personal and business use. It has limitations, suc...
260. web-based instant messenger service lets you stay connected with different messenger networks.
Chatroulette is a service for one-on-one text-, webcam- and microphone-based chat.
BizBrag is a tool used to connect complementary businesses and use the social web and word-of-mouth to promote them.
Talentag lets you ask for professional feedback that build up your profile.
Someecards creates humorous ecards and provides tools to create your own.
Ficly is a collaborative story environment where anyone can pick up a narrative thread and write a prequel or sequel.
266. is a quick website feedback service.
267. is web based software for creating and distributing surveys.
ChatRide is a platform to webcam with your friends.
SoopBook is a collaborative storytelling community where you can create your book.
MailCherry is a tool to assist in creating appealing and professional-looking email campaigns to generate more sales.
A drrop is a text posted by someone in the world in the last 24 hours. By wiping a drrop, you can see another drrop.
Qvaq is a service where users can create and and join groups to discuss various topics.
MoodJam lets users track their moods with visualization, colors and words. Groovy man.
Wridea is an idea management and collaboration service which is developed for anyone who is interested in managing th...
Web designers can solicit feedback on their designs from established designers and in turn offer feedback for others ...
UserEcho provides a platform to listen and engage your customers.
SocialCompare allows users to create, edit and share comparison tables.
Windows Live Hotmail supplies users with a simple email solution that works entirely on the web. The user can send an...
JustPaste.It is an app for sharing text and images easily with a simple text editor and link. Videos, notes, and more...
Pollmo offers an easy way to create and post simple polls online.
281. users can vote thumbs up or down on a claim to agree or disagree, make a claim of his/her own and comment on...
282. is focused on using aggregate statistics to let users find out what the rest of the world thinks abo...
Bigady is a think tank website allowing anybody to submit ideas in categories and for others to rate them up or down.
Lycos Mail offers a very simple email solution that works best for individuals. Users can manage their messages and h...


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