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Communication applications help users stay in touch by offering voice chat, text messaging, email, surveys and many other ways to share ideas, answers and updates. AppAppeal ranks all communication apps based on worldwide popularity.

Zoho Connect
AppAppeal rating 4/5
Price range (p/month): $0.00 - $49.00
Small business social networking and collaboraton
Zopler is for writers to convene and contribute to a story.
Online meeting space for friends and professionals.
203. is a communications tool that lets members of a team, company or other group share videos, chat, e-mail and ...
Ticksy is a web-based customer support app that lets you easily manage multiple tickets at once. The easy to understa...
Cupfone lets users speak to contacts one on one in private chat sessions. The user can chat in real time or post long...
206. is a free email service that lets users sign up and manage messages online. The application also offers l...
CheckMarket is an online survey builder that gives users more control. Surveys can be sent via different channels and...
KoolIM makes it easier for users to access their chat contact lists when they cannot download their favorite IM progr...
Mailinator intends to help users eliminate SPAM. Users can give a random email address and they could...
Crowd Science Demographics is a analytics service that builds detailed reports on the demographics and attitudes of w...
211. allows you to send emails, with the ability to have them sent at any future date and time you choose.
212. is a personalized free web-based email and content provider.
KISSinsights makes it easy for you to ask questions and for your customers to answer them.
IM+ all-in-one messenger brings unified chat experience across major IM systems and social networks.
Quikpiq lets you ask your social network for help in making decisions by creating image based polls.
ShortText is a simple tool to post text online, with minimum fuss.
Flowdock creates a bridge between conversation and knowledge management.
TinyLetter is an instant email newsletter service.
MicroPoll offers an easy way to create website polls.
BrainRepublic provides a platform to share expertise in your own webinar, live coaching or performance.
221. is a site where you can groan, gripe, and complain your day away.
Amplicate groups similar opinions in one place; making them more likely to be found by companies and other people.
Ripoff Report is a consumer reporting platform, by consumers, for consumers, to file and document complaints about co...
Groubal lets people voice their consumer complaints and share them.
Threddie lets you brainstorm using a post-and-comment system everyone's familiar with.
Co-op provides a service to ask questions, share knowledge, track time, and update agendas for your team all in one p...
Yahoo! Messenger for the Web is an online instant messaging application.
Quotables allows language lovers to share and discover some of the most memorable things ever said.
Ideeeas provides a platform where users can record ideas and share them with others.
Feedback Roulette provides a platform to exchange feedback.
231. provides a platform where users can ask their friends to describe them in three words.
Supportbreeze is a support system you can use to receive and answer support requests.
Jaconda is a chat service for project teams. Rooms can be integrated with third party project management services.
Tgethr is a collaboration tool for your group.
235. allows users to create surveys that run on their own website.
Emailbrain provides tools to manage email based marketing, promotional campaigns, and sales.
237. delivers support for meeting management activities, from meeting conception to meeting closure.
Feedbackify makes it possible to receive real-time feedback from your website visitors.
SpyPig is a simple email tracking service that sends users a notification when the recipient opens their message.
240. is an online idea community where users get paid for their ideas.
241. is an online tool for creating Twitter petitions. People can sign petitions by retweeting it.
242. is an entertainment site consisting of embarassing text messages.
243. provides a unique email service to its users.
244. is a platform where users can compare two entities.
245. is a platform for families and friends to share interesting stories.
246. helps users manage their group conversations. It offers hosted conversations to keep the whole group involve...
247. helps users learn more about their customers and website visitors.
Zoho Chat offers helpful chat features to users. You can form groups of work team members, family or friends.
249. gives users a better way to share their work and receive feedback.
250. combines Twitter and email to provide users with an easy email solution.
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