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Communication applications help users stay in touch by offering voice chat, text messaging, email, surveys and many other ways to share ideas, answers and updates. AppAppeal ranks all communication apps based on worldwide popularity.

Zoho Connect
AppAppeal rating 4/5
Price range (p/month): $0.00 - $49.00
Small business social networking and collaboraton
Quirky is a social product development platform. It uses the power of the community to generate new products.
Write, edit and publish your own social media release online and share it with journalists, bloggers and your clients.
With Flisti you can create free online polls without signing-up.
Create, publish and share your news to an online, socially-connected audience.
Bounce lets users add feedback to any webpage and toss that back and forth with other people.
Sprout Social helps businesses engage and grow their audience, and put social media to work for their bottom line.
Klout tracks the impact of your opinions, links and recommendations across your social graph.
Chat on thousands of IRC networks and connect with people instantly with just a web browser.
Laytr lets you send your reminders and e-mails to yourself or others.
160. allows users to hold text, voice, and video chats on multiple instant messaging protocols simultaneously.
QuestionForm is a tool for creating, publishing and analysing online surveys and forms.
Kampyle combines online feedback collection with advanced analytics to generate self-selecting prospects.
Benchmark Email is a provider of email marketing services for businesses.
FaxZero is an online fax service. Users can send free faxes to the United States or Canada.
Rational Survey provides an online service to create, manage and distribute questionnaire based surveys and polls.
Crowdtap users can ideate, engage and promote with brands, non-profits and startups.
Convore is a communication service where groups can chat in real-time.
The Email Game is a service that makes reading and responding to email more fun and productive.
Todaypulse provides a platform to manage social media marketing and create conversations with customers.
AOL Mail is a web based email service.
171. can help users organize their various social networking and communication accounts.
172. makes it easier to clean up old contacts from Google, Mac and Outlook.
173. helps users maintain a positive reputation for their brand by using social media.
174. provides a private social network for your company.
175. helps designers collaborate quickly and easily online.
Surveypal creates engaging surveys and it provides a useful tool for data collection, analysis and reporting.
177. gives users a way to build an online petition to help make a change for the better. The tools included mak...
178. helps users get a grip on their packed inboxes through efficiency-focused tools. User can set up notifica...
LiveMinutes gives users a convenient way to host meetings and webinars. User can add a number of visual aids, ranging...
Privy Talks invites users to chat privately with confidence. The application offers users a very basic chat applicati...
2Houses helps divorced or separated parents manage child-related tasks and issues together. Parents can view and upda...
Wishbox supplies users with a convenient way to manage and respond to visitor issues and suggestions. The application...
183. is an excellent database of quotes that integrates with Facebook and Twitter to allow for simple shairng of ...
Popplet is a visually enticing online brainstorming tool that gives users a place to keep inspirational resources. Us...
Swabr provides users with an easy way to set up a company microblogging network. Users can share files, information a...
GiftRocket combines the thoughtfulness of a gift certificate with the flexibility of cash. Send an online gift to any...
Kred helps users view how influential they are through social online communities. The user is given a Kred score that...
Totem gives users an easy way to build a single press webpage to display all their product or company information. Us...
MeetingBurner is a fast, free way to hold online meetings and webinars
Socialbakers helps users monitor their marketing campaign progress online. Users can explore detailed stats through a...
BabyNotify is an application that provides a method for notifying friends and family of the arrival of a baby. It i...
The cSupport application provides organizational live chat features and customer support for companies.
Cowbird is a storytelling application that lets users share stories about themselves or other topics. Users are abl...
Story Wheel provides users with the opportunity to create stories based on pictures. Many different stories related t...
195. is an insight generation and acquisition system that engages people and receives their input based on vari...
Kwiqpoll offers users a simple, fast way to create functional online polls. Users can choose custom questions and res...
MockVault provides a management system for designs and versions. It is also able to allow users present their design...
Volpen gives users a place to create books through collaboration. Users can start a new book or join an existing book...
BountyIt is an online platform where users can solicit feedback and reward those who provided the best.
Get alerts when one's name or brand is mentioned online.
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