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Top 24 Free Charity Apps

1 to 24 based on popularity

Charity applications are focused on helping non-profit groups and activists with fund raising solutions, information sharing and social networking integration. AppAppeal ranks all charity apps based on worldwide popularity.

1. is a non-profit organization that provides loans that can be as little as $25 people to people all around th...
Vittana is a non-governmental organization that allows people to lend money via the Internet to students in the devel...
3. is a fundraising platform for charities.
Razoo is a site aimed at helping non profit organizations and the people who support them.
Bellstrike makes it easy for non-profit organizations to create functional, stylish websites. Users can add video, ph...
6. brings non-profit organizations and social enterprise together with the professionals they need to acc...
Raise5 is a place where people who want to donate their talents and skills can earn money for good causes. Additional...
Philanthroper shares the story of a new nonprofit organization every day and encourages individuals to contribute $1-...
MicroPlace’s mission is to help alleviate global poverty by enabling everyday people to make investments in the world...
Bring Light is designed to allow people to donate money to worthy causes and to raise awareness for the cause of nonp...
Care 2 makes it easy for everyone to live a healthy, green lifestyle and impact the causes they care about most.
Greenopolis provides you with information and tools to help you to recycle.
13. connects causes with the people that care about them.
Causes provides tools for nonprofits on Facebook to build communities of supporters, conduct fundraising campaigns, c...
15. is a charity platform that connects brands and individuals to generate attention and influence.
16. is a microvolunteering network. It allows users to lend their professional skills whenever they have some...
HelpAttack! users can make a charity donation for each action they take online.
18. is a social fundraising site for nonprofits.
19. is a platform for online charitable giving.
20. provides tools that helps users to fundraise online.
GlobalGiving is an online marketplace that connects you to the causes and countries you care about.
22. is an online charity that makes it easy for anyone to help students in need.
Donor Tools is online donor management software for charities, churches, and nonprofit organizations.
24. is an online community designed to increase awareness of and revenue for non-profit organizations.

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