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Top 9 Free Calendar Apps

1 to 9 based on popularity

Calendar applications are virtual scheduling tools that let users plan events, share important dates with others and organize daily or weekly appointments. AppAppeal ranks all calendar apps based on worldwide popularity.

Yahoo! Calendar is one of the largest web based calendar services.
Zoho Calendar allows you to schedule, manage and track your meetings and events.
Google Calendar offers users a simple way to manage all of their personal and professional events and commitments in ...
Cozi includes a shopping list, calendar, to do lists and a journal for families. It is meant to help busy families st...
30 Boxes acts as a hub for all your activities. It is your calendar and integrates your blog, instant messaging and T...
Shortcal gives internet users a quick way to share a few important dates with others. Users can work in one to seven ...
PHP Event Calendar provides functional scheduling tools that can be customized. Users can maintain multiple calendars...
DoneCal is a simple calendar you can use to keep track of future events or to record past events.
Coolendar is a web based, simple calendar application.


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