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Top 48 Free Business Networking Apps

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Business networking applications provide users with an online community of companies and professionals that include resumes, job listings and skill-based groups. AppAppeal ranks all business networking apps based on worldwide popularity.

CubeTree offers enterprise collaboration tools including wikis, blogs, polls, file sharing and link sharing.
LinkedIn is a social network built for professionals and businesses. Companies and individuals can build profiles and...
Smibs business network and software products help you connect, share, collaborate and get things done.
TalentBin is an online resource for finding software engineers with an algorithm that searches the available talent b...
FlareCard helps users connect online and share information. Users can also promote themselves and view information o...
6. is a network of business and technology experts. They power the real time Q&A.
CapLinked is a platform for private companies to raise capital and connect with investors.
XING makes networking and professional contact management easier, with made-to-measure networking functions and servi...
Zerply is a professional social network which allows users to truly network and discover new business connections in ...
Path.To gives users a way to showcase themselves professionally while revealing a hint of their individual personality.
Achoo provides a platform where users can showcase their talents and also see the reactions that people have to achie...
WealthForge is a social community meant to connect entrepreneurs and investors with one another.
AngelList is a fund raising community of startups and their investors.
PerfectBusiness provides access to information about starting a business and entrepreneurship.
TheFunded provides resources for entrepreneurs and a community for business help.
16. is an app that connects people in the real world for lunch, dinner or coffee.
StartupNation is a resource-filled community for those who want to start a business and find practical business-relat...
Ecademy is an application about business social networking and sharing ideas.
Aboutourwork is a social network for small businesses, focusing on making connections and helping the businesses grow.
MyPeopleMaps helps you find out how you're connected to any person or any company
OnePage is a digital platform for creating, storing and sharing business cards.
BusinessCard2 is a marketing platform for networking and exchanging business cards on the Internet.
Sprouter provides a platform for users to connect with other innovators, entrepreneurs can expand their networks.
24. provides an easy way to meet other entrepreneurs, bankers, managers and more.
Currensee is a Forex trading social network where like-minded traders can connect with each other and share ideas.
26. is a professional networking tool that connects developers and designers.
27. is a business community and resource for entrepreneurs.
PartnerUp is a business community focused on entrepreneurs and small business owners.
Bulbstorm is an innovation community, where people come to share, improve and market new products, services and busin...
30. provides developers with a place to showcase their skills and prove what they know through certification tes...
IdentyMe is a service for making of virtual business cards.
Techcofounder is an online community of developers interested in launching a new startup.
Lynard is a conference directory where you can find conferences and see where your friends are going to.
Dooid collects all your social networks and contact details in one place.
StartupDigest helps to find out and stay informed about the best startup events in your city.
36. is an online business social network for finding clients, suppliers, business partners, key business infor...
eBackers is a request board for web professionals, startups and online businesses.
38. is a business community that provides business services for professionals and small businesses.
Biznik is a community of entrepreneurs and small businesses dedicated to helping each other succeed.
Qubrit is a social platform used by professionals to connect with each other.
Ziggs is a platform for creating and managing your online brand. Market yourself on the Web and stay in touch with pe...
PeerPower is an Indian business networking site.
EFactor is an online community and virtual marketplace designed for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs.
44. offers users another social networking option for professionals.
PlusRated identifies your real strengths and weaknesses, by specific skill, so you can quickly see where you excel an...
CardXC puts your business card at a place which then can be viewed, printed or saved as vcard by everybody interested...
Ryze is a business networking site.
48. is a community of car care professionals.


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