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Zoho Support
AppAppeal rating 4/5
Price range (p/month): $12.00 - $25.00
Free plan available
Zoho Support is a web-based help desk support platform.
3151. is focused on using aggregate statistics to let users find out what the rest of the world thinks abo...
Cooklet is a platform that tries to enhance the experience of cooking and helps you organise recipes.
3153. is a community of car care professionals.
DropShots provides a service to share photos, videos and comments with family and friends.
3155. promises users to avoid scam sites based on unbiased data.
YourNextFilm will let you discover more films and TV shows which your peers have already watched and enjoyed.
MoneyDesktop is an online financial management tool that helps people manage their finances more efficiently.
Zingfin is a financial research and visualization portal providing financial data for stocks/MFs/ETFs around the world.
YourNextPresent will let you discover more books, films, TV shows and games based on your personal taste.
Idiomag is a digital magazine personalized to your interests in music.
YourNextRead tries to make discovering, buying and enjoying a book as simple as finding your next film or band.
Merriam-Webster provides an online dictionary, thesaurus, spanish-english translations and medical dictionaries.
AdVirtus is a personal planning and management tool.
PicTreat is a free, basic photo editing tool.
OneGreatFamily Tree provides a genealogy database that is built and share by users from all over the world.
3166. is a community-driven questions and answers site.
Diagnosia is a resource for medical drug information.
Ryze is a business networking site.
3169. offers deals for techies, geeks and players in tech.
3170. is an app in which users create idealized virtual characters of them and flirt with virtual chara...
3171. is a personal start page for bookmarking, searching and sharing sites.
Femtoo users can track changes on webpages they follow.
3173. gives users a way to build professional educational activities.
3174. provides users with a watered down event search tool. Users can browse events by city and share them on...
Cloud Contact Forms helps users build online forms without programming knowledge.
Lycos Mail offers a very simple email solution that works best for individuals. Users can manage their messages and h...
Giftly gives users a way to send funds as a gift to loved ones. The user can select businesses on Yelp and receive a ...
JustPaste.It is an app for sharing text and images easily with a simple text editor and link. Videos, notes, and more...
OpenDesks is an application dedicated to finding workspaces for people to work or meet when they are between meetings...
Muziboo is a social media music tool for musicians to upload their music for review and discussion with other musicia...
TalentJug is an app designed for people to promote themselves online with images, audio, video, and a personal URL.
GrabInbox is an app used to manage multiple social network pages in Twitter, Facebook, Fan Pages, and Linkedin accoun...
Vector Paint is a program that is supposed to create vector artwork from a users' computer or as an original work. It...
Pollmo offers an easy way to create and post simple polls online.
An app designed to make it easier to approach potential romantic partners.
An app that helps users find Chinese restaurants.
A Facebook app that allows users to organize their news feed.
A social media syndication application.
Registration & event management software
Contact center software designed and optimized for agents to accomplish more and to do it faster in a multichannel wo...

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