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Squad is a collaborative application where uses can code together or share their code with one another in real time.
Senduit is a simple, secure file sharing application.
152. if AOL’s collection of web based games that cover a number of popular genres. Users can play free games as...
Miniclip has a web based game for almost anyone of any age. The website provides users with a place to have fun, inte...
Line Rider provides an excellent entertainment opportunity for online gamers of all ages. The user literally creates ...
Twitter lets you send short messages to a group of friends. It is more immediate and intimate than blogging.
Zoho Show is an online presentation application which allows you to quickly make and share professional presentations.
157. is one of the most popular social networks that connects people with friends, old classmates, colleagues...
LinkedIn is a social network built for professionals and businesses. Companies and individuals can build profiles and...
Online spreadsheet application to create, edit and share spreadsheets. Zoho Sheets is one component of the Zoho Offic...
Netvibes provides users with a personalized homepage that supports over 200,000 applications. The user can pick and c...
To-do lists, milestones, discuss tasks with team and client- added bonus of being able to save templates for projects.
TripIt is a free travel organiser tool. TripIt automatically saves and organises data from forwarded booking confirma...
YouTube is the most popular video hosting site. It is owned by Google Inc. and has millions of users all over the world.
Wikia gives users an easy way to build and manage wikis on their favorite topics. The site includes simple search too...
Play free games and share scores with friends.
On everything deals with the sudoku puzzle. You can play Sudoku online for free.
Hulu is an online video service that offers premium video content.
SmugMug is a photo sharing service that gives users a wide range of quality tools. Users can save HD video, full reso...
Huddle presents companies with an easy way to collaborate and improve productivity. The application caters to teams w...
A fully-functioning image editor for developers and web designers.
ProofHQ offers users an easier way to get feedback and approval. The application lets users upload files and share th...
Photoshop Express offers users web based photo editing tools available from anywhere with internet access. Users can ...
Mint is a free personal budgeting and analysis application.
Pingg offers online invitation creation, event management, guest list creation and event reporting services.
Kaboodle is an online shopping community where users recommend and discover new products.
Windows Live Skydrive offers 25GB of free storage. Create personal, shared, and public folders.
Google Maps is a free web-based mapping application. Shows aerial photos, traffic, directions and 360 degree view of ...
Yahoo! Maps offers driving directions, satellite view and real-time traffic information.
Vimeo is a video site with social networking features. Only homemade videos are allowed, you can not upload tv series...
Extensive profile questionnaire. Only paid members can use most of site -told AFTER profile. Almost nothing free.
Internet radio that creates custom stations based on user input. Listen to previously created stations or make new ones.
Splashup gives internet users a convenient way to edit their photos online. The application is very easy to use and l...
183. is an online digital photo editor. It can remove blemishes, change skin/hair color, morph photos and m...
Passpack is a free tool to securely store passwords, logins, codes, links and notes.
FriendFeed provides users with a fun, engaging way to strike up conversations and share their thoughts. Users can pas...
Spokeo makes it easy for users to find a wealth of information on someone they are looking for online. Users can disc...
A real estate search engine that helps you find homes for sale and provides real estate information at the local leve...
Zillow offers a wealth of information based on the U.S. real estate market. Users can search for local neighborhood a...
MOG offers users a way to listen to streaming music online for free or a small monthly fee. The application encourage...
Yelp is a large community of users that search and post local business reviews. The site contains thousands of busine...
Yahoo! Local offers users business listings that include user created reviews. Users can also participate in discussi...
Snooth is a comprehensive database for discovering and researching wine.
193. makes it easy to share text, photos, quotes, links, music, and videos, from your browser.
Scribd gives internet users a place to share and find documents. The site supports all kinds of documents, ranging fr...
SUMO Paint lets users create stunning images and drawings using many features. Unique brush strokes, lighting effects...
TravelMuse offers users a convenient way to make travel plans. The site helps users discover new destinations and att...
Localist makes it easy for schools and organizations to set up calendars and information resources. Users can add inf...
One True Media provides users of all skill levels with a quick, easy way to create attractive videos. User can add vi...
PurpleTrail gives internet users a place to design and purchase, print or send cards and invitations. Users can add c...
WebStarts provides an easy way to build stylish webpages. Users can drag and drop items directly onto the page before...

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