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All-in-one business management for service companies
Take control of your invoicing, manage quotes and track payments online with Invoice Place.
Live streaming radio shows created by users. Share and invite others to follow. Set up private listening sessions.
FatWallet is a site where shoppers can compare, share and find thousands of the latest deals, coupons and retailer di...
1204. has created a marketplace based on trading books, movies, music and video games.
Bellstrike makes it easy for non-profit organizations to create functional, stylish websites. Users can add video, ph...
Simplebooklet is an online booklet making platform. Once created, the digital booklet content can be shared on the In...
Google Docs is a free, web-based office suite which also allows for virtual collaboration on documents.
1208. is an event venue marketplace. Venue owners can promote their space and get in contact with potential...
Zilicus is a project management application for creating and sharing project plans, assigning tasks and resources, tr...
With your account from PollDaddy you can create online surveys and polls for your website, blog and social network.
Alibaba assists businesses in their search for low priced supplies and merchandise. Companies in many industries from...
1212. helps music venues and promoters to make use of social to sell tickets.
ClickDummy is a great tool for developers who need to create clickable mockups so they can get feedback fast.
Dropcanvas is a very simple filesharing application.
Forum available-though mostly provocative talk. Messaging, communication, all free. Search and save searches.Mark faves.
Get organized and stay motivated with this easy to use to-do task list.
Vitalist is online software for getting things done. Organize your actions and projects online.
OpenStreetMap is a web app that allows users to edit the world map. User can add a wide variety of info for differen...
OnStage is an online workspace, collaboration, and project management tool.
VoiceThread allows people to navigate slideshows and leave comments in 5 ways - using voice, text, audio file, or vid...
Ranker offers users a platform to create and browse lists about everything, from science to celebrities.
RocketHub is a crowd funding application for Creatives to use to raise funds for their projects or endeavors.
1223. lets users enjoy live radio on the web. The site features a wide range of categories, including rock, hip-h...
1224. offers a personal horoscope in real-time, with a timeline of how long the event will last.
1225. provides users with a hassle-free way to construct attractive mobile prototypes online. The application offe...
Priceonomics helps internet consumers discover the current price of used items on the web. The site covers many categ...
1227. is a nonprofit organization that helps the public to commission journalists to investigate stories that might...
Berta is a web site creation app created by, and for artistic types. The app is distinguished from similar apps by it...
BillShrink is a personalized savings tool that helps you save money on your everyday bills.
Milo searches the shelves of your local stores in real-time to find the best price and availability for products.
1231. helps avid readers find a good book that matches their preferences. The site focuses on the content of b...
Time & Tracking is an app that helps keep track of time spent. It is meant to increase efficiency of work. The app ca...
1233. is an online marketplace for tutoring.
FiveSecondTest helps users to fine tune their landing pages and calls to action by collecting user responses.
Crowdtilt is a group funding campaign application using social media. It has Facebook integration and is used by grou...
Serious Eats is a website focused on celebrating and sharing food enthusiasm through blogs and online community.
Netflix gives users instant access to movies and television shows on their computer, tablet or mobile device. The ser...
FanGager helps businesses get the most out of their existing fan base. User can provide fans with a fun way to earn r...
Deisgn and collaborate with others on a software concept.
STARTME is intended to help users organize and store their favorite sites. The application is simple to use and lets ...
Razoo is a site aimed at helping non profit organizations and the people who support them.
Sortfolio gives website designers and potential clients a place to find one another. Users can create a free basic ad...
Mockingbird is an app that makes it simple to create, link together, preview and share mockups or sites or apps.
1244. offers a way to keep track of articles that you want to read eventually. Kind-of like a to-do lis...
By connecting your inbox to the web, you get business-critical information about key people and companies.
WalkJogRun offers a way to plan running routes by drawing them out on a map.
1247. lets users collect and share their favorite sports.
1248. helps users get a grip on their packed inboxes through efficiency-focused tools. User can set up notifica...
Handcraft gives designers an easy way to build, share and manage prototypes online. Users can create functional proto...
Steply lets users share photos from many photo apps and discover others.


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