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Front Desk
AppAppeal rating 4/5
Price range (p/month): $75.00 - $180.00
Client management app with scheduling, attendance and customer communication
1001. is a photo hosting and sharing site owned by Yahoo!. Special features include creating slideshows, geo-tag...
Diigo is a research and collaborative research tool on the one hand, and a knowledge-sharing community and social con...
Sharing Giggles is a way to help parents and others save and share memories of children as they grow and reach milest...
Ability to create nested project structures with triggers for task flow. 3 formats to provide customer support.
EEBA is a simple online budgeting tool that utilizes an envelope saving system. Users can organize budgets in a way t...
EchoSign is an electronic signature app from Adobe. It allows companies to have agreements, contracts, and other docu...
Job Buddy provides assistance in getting a new job and its services are also free.
Sittercity connects families with local babysitters, nannies, housekeepers and other caregivers.
1009. makes it easier for users to build an online store.
Medium Risk is a project management risk control software that helps project teams capture and organize risks.
With Flisti you can create free online polls without signing-up.
1012. is an online what-you-see-is-what-you-get website builder.
MySchoolNotebook provides students with a place to store notes online and offline. Drawings and charts can be added ...
WordStash gives internet users another way to study and learn almost any topic. Users can look up words, view example...
DocuSign is an electronic signature service for use with any type of document, contract, or other type of form requir...
Create customized video invitations.
Texthog is a service to track your budgets and expenses online. Post transactions and expense items on-the-go with SM...
Adioso is a travel search engine for adventurous travellers.
Pummelvision creates a video using photos from photo sharing services like Facebook, Flickr, DailyBooth or Tumblr.
1020. helps users maintain a positive reputation for their brand by using social media.
Blue Study is a cloud based web application that is targeted at students to help them create, share and keep track of...
1022. gives internet users a simple way to access all their social accounts across multiple services. Users can pub...
Hubbub is a social networking app that allows users to interact with sound, uploading and downloading shot audio clip...
Fotki is a service for sharing and printing your photos online.
1025. is a web-based mind mapping and brainstorming application.
Smipple is a social application for saving, organizing, and sharing snippets of code. The app is socially based, so s...
SponsorHub allows potential sponsors to find local events, products, associations and others things for sponsorships,...
World Golf Tour allows golf enthusiasts to play realistic golf tournaments for free, no download or extra software ne...
Create, publish and share your news to an online, socially-connected audience.
Stereomood is a free emotional internet radio that suggests to you the music that best suits your mood and your daily...
Launchlist Pro helps web developers and designers review their work before launching their website.
Newsvine gives users a place to discover local and national news content from many popular sources. Users can vote on...
Wanderfly is a recommendation engine that helps you discover new experiences, based on your budget and interests.
DealsGoRound is a marketplace for buying and re-selling daily deals.
1035. is a cloud-based Web desktop that empowers users to move their complete desktop experience online.
1036. is a web site application that hosts resumes. It keeps a tab on your resume and tracks and lets you know wh...
CaseFox is a web-based software that provides legal firms with the ability to track their time and bill their clients...
Amiando offers a service that allows you to sell tickets or professionally register your attendees for your own event.
Create screencasts for your Twitter followers as easily as you tweet.
PadMapper is an application that aims to make searching online for an apartment to rent less painful by letting you s...
Convore is a communication service where groups can chat in real-time.
WWHIM is a weather forecast and notification system that provides users with instant access to weather conditions in ...
1043. is a digital publishing platform delivering the reading experience of magazines.
1044. provides companies with an effective way to encourage higher dollar amount purchases. The application ...
Totem gives users an easy way to build a single press webpage to display all their product or company information. Us...
ZenCash is a system for accounts receivables management. People who handle commercial goods and services are able to...
1047. is a communications tool that lets members of a team, company or other group share videos, chat, e-mail and ...
Current is an online television network that gives you the opportunity to create and influence what airs on TV.
1049. is an online photo mosaic creator.
Coderwall is an application that provides developers and any associated teams the opportunity to specify their skills...


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