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MyHeritage is an online family network that enables you to share your family tree and photos with your friends and ot...
Rails for Zombies provides users with a fun way to learn Ruby on Rails with an undead twist. The application includes...
Welcu simplifies event planning making it easy to manage invites, checkins and measure results
An app meant to help music teachers manage their private studios.
RedCritter Tracker gives employers a meaningful, positive way to encourage employees and monitor project progress. Re...
An app which allows users to create beautiful, professional surveys.
Suggestions based on user keyword input. Actor, mood, etc. Results give overview, reviews, trailers, where to rent.
Sortable is an electronic product shopping tool intended for consumers. Users can browse laptops, tablets, cameras an...
A job hunting application that helps job seekers stay on target.
809. provides recipe suggestions and recommendations that have been personalized to the user's preferences.
Epicurious offers articles and tips focused on cooking, entertaining, wine, cocktails, and shopping.
811. provides a collection of royalty-free archival stock footage.
DesignCrowd is a graphic design service using crowdsourcing for finding the best graphic design for any project from ...
Socialtext gives businesses an easy way to allow employees to collaborate efficiently. Employee profiles, status upda...
814. helps users to contribute towards the purchase of a group gift.
815. offers users information and examples of beautiful infographs created for a number of purposes. User can re...
StereoPill makes it possible for DJs and event organizers to learn what their audience wants to hear before an event....
817. organizes links shared on Twitter and Facebook into a newspaper-style format.
Kred helps users view how influential they are through social online communities. The user is given a Kred score that...
819. helps users expand the visibility of their marketing materials.
16bugs lets you manage your bugs from a simple interface.
821. provides a large archive of book cover designs and designers.
CustomMade provides shoppers and makers a place to come together and create unique gifts for any occasion. Users can ...
NoteWagon provides university students with a place to buy and sell notes online. The website lists notes taken by st...
The Retrevo application helps users find gadgets and learn more about the latest gadgets on the market.
FaxZero is an online fax service. Users can send free faxes to the United States or Canada.
Buffer makes it easier for users to share content on social networks regularly without making multiple visits to thei...
Bill4Time helps professionals to track time, manage projects, organize expenses, invoice clients and accept payment.
Collaborative task organizing and internal wiki development.
829. allows users to create blogs for any purpose. Users can choose their own design and start publishing.
Alltop provides the latest information about headlines from various sites.
Get taste-specific recommendations, find and follow TasteBuds, import your recipe boxes, and edit recipes.
Listoid is a place to discover and vote up the best user created lists.
Wunderlist is a task manager for the web and mobile devices.
834. helps users discover available properties in Scotland, Wales and England. Users can also list available ...
TuCloud provides companies and large organizations with an all-encompassing virtual desktop solution. The user can ch...
Seesmic provides a platform to manage your brand online.
CreationFlow is a collaboration and project management tool that provides the opportunity for reviews and approvals.
Find baby clothing, toddler clothing, or pre-teen clothing. Find a box you like, pay for shipping and it's yours.
Drag and drop interface. Intuitive use of “cards” for parts of project -use “front and back” to keeps ideas organized.
NationBuilder gives leaders and groups a powerful way to manage their supporters, campaigns, donations and events. Us...
Simplicant is an application that helps users recruit people through the help and power of social media.
Privacy policies protect your website from legal action and outline how exactly you use the data of your visitors, an...
Sayabit is a free-links based file storage service which shortens and redirects long URLs while providing web and cli...
Write, edit and publish your own social media release online and share it with journalists, bloggers and your clients.
Phanfare provides a service to manage your photos and videos online.
BountyIt is an online platform where users can solicit feedback and reward those who provided the best.
Blogger is a blogging application owned by Google. It is reliable and has all the basic features.
FanSnap is a ticket search engine that provides access to tickets for fans or others who are seeking tickets to buy.
849. provides a simple but effective scientific calculator solution.
NextPunch is an easy, online system for employees to use to clock in and out of work virtually.


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